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你是否在寻找传统高中的替代选择和上大学的机会? The 通往大学的大门 scholarship may be an option for you. 十大彩票平台的大学之门项目帮助那些在传统高中因各种原因遇到挑战的学生. If you had to leave school before finishing, 正在上公立学校, 自主学习, or a school other than public school, or for whatever reason, the 通往大学的大门 program is an alternative option!

Through the 通往大学的大门 scholarship, 学生可以在我们的大学课程中完成高中毕业要求,同时获得大学学分. 学生s can earn their high school diploma and college credits simultaneously. 有些人还会继续完成证书课程和副学士学位,然后转到四年制大学.

大学之门是十大彩票平台公立学校提供的奖学金机会. The scholarship covers the costs of tuition, books, and fees. In addition, students have an academic counselor dedicated to their success. The 学术 counselor guides students through the college experience, helps them navigate academic challenges, teaches organization and time management techniques, and provides referrals for college and community resources to increase student success.


  • Experience college courses with professors
  • Accumulate transferable college credits toward a degree or certificate program
  • Access to on-campus resources (tutoring, 图书馆, 计算机实验室, 学生社团和活动, 健身中心)
  • A smaller school population with individualized 支持
  • 学生s take fewer courses per semester than in high school
  • Scholarship pays for tuition, books, and fees


This scholarship is designed for the following:

  • High school students ages 16 to 20 with any of the following conditions:
    • 由于各种原因在传统高中环境中遇到挑战的学生
    • 学生s who are behind in high school
    • 学生s who have left high school before obtaining their diploma
    • 由于各种原因(包括在家上学)在公立学校以外的学校上学的学生
  • 学生的阅读成绩必须达到8分th 等级或以上
  • 学生s must live in Springfield, MA 
  • 点击下面的链接,观看信息会话,了解更多关于大学之门项目的期望和好处
  • 回答问卷,然后进入下一步完成申请


We are accepting applications for the Fall II 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters. 感兴趣的学生必须参加一个信息会议,开始申请过程. The following steps are required to apply:

  1. 观看信息发布会,了解更多关于大学之门项目的期望和好处
  2. 回答问卷,然后进入下一步完成申请

In-person information sessions are canceled until further notice. 有兴趣申请通往大学的大门的学生可以观看我们预先录制的信息环节,并回答一个简短的问卷, 这是应用的第一步. 请点击下面的链接.


应用程序很长. It requires a personal investment of time and effort. Applicants must include all requested information, including 三篇正式论文. 这些信息和回应的质量为选拔委员会提供了额外的见解.

要完成 大学申请之路 你需要

  • 三篇正式论文. 论文文件可以与你的申请一起上传,也可以直接输入到申请中.
    • 论文1: 为什么你有兴趣加入十大彩票平台技术社区学院的大学之门项目? How will the program help you to reach your goals? Why should the selection committee choose you?
    • 论文2: (至少300字)毅力是一种品质,可以让一个人继续尝试做某事,即使它很困难或根本不放弃. Please tell us what perseverance means to you. Tell us about a time in your life when you demonstrated perseverance. What did you learn from this experience?
    • 作文3: (至少300字)告诉我们过去影响你学习的个人问题或挑战,以及你采取了哪些措施来克服它们. (Examples of issues or challenges might include attitude, 行为, 动机, 技能, 支持, 需要被接受, 文化障碍, 等.)
  • 联系 information and email addresses for your parent/guardian, high school counselor or guidance department, and someone you want to provide a recommendation for you.


  • 大学分班考试大约需要2个小时,将评估阅读、写作和数学技能.
  • 学生s will need a picture ID and social security number.

这个测试评估你对项目的准备情况,如果你被录取,将你安排在合适的班级. Please visit to learn more about the college placement test and how to prepare for it.

After you have submitted a complete application, your information will be sent to the school district for review. 学区必须批准每个学生继续进入申请流程的下一步.

If you are eligible to be considered for the Gateway scholarship, you will be scheduled for an interview. Your interview will be with members of the Gateway staff. This helps us to learn more about you, your strengths, and your 动机s. You will also have a chance to ask questions about the program. Interviews are generally about 30-60 minutes long.

正式接受该计划的最后一步是完成Gateway Prep(为期三天的大学预科课程),并获得学区的最终批准. The selection committee will notify applicants about final decisions.

Linda Fernandez in 通往大学的大门 Cap and SashWith the help of my 通往大学的大门 family, I was able to finish high school from an early college program. 他们无尽的支持和决心让我每天早上更容易起床,永不放弃. I graduated high school with a GPA of 3.3 and I am now grateful to say that I’m a first generation college student! 琳达·费尔南德斯 2018年大学毕业生入门


我们通过毕业典礼演讲嘉宾的视频来表彰毕业生们的辛勤工作和取得的成就, a list of graduating student award winners, 毕业生档案, and messages of encouragement from faculty and staff on the 2023 通往大学的大门 毕业典礼 page.



通往大学的大门 does not discriminate against students with disabilities. 我们要求有IEP或504计划的学生在申请时提交计划副本,以便我们将他们转介给十大彩票平台残疾办公室. Together with their families and doctors or other practitioners, 学生应该考虑大学校园提供的服务和住宿是否能最好地满足他们的需求.



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